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Thread: Help Me Choose UHR Mechanik or Tactico TC1

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    Default Help Me Choose UHR Mechanik or Tactico TC1

    Hi all, I cant made up my mind to choose between this two uniquely tough watch, they are about the same design sort of..Tactico have to buy from overseas (Spain) while UHR which is made in Germany can be find here..price differences is about $300 more for UHR,,Bro & Sis , have a good look,what are your choice???Thanks..

    UHR Mechanik

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    Tactico has a strong Kobold Seal look which to me is great, though I am not a fan of the black/stealth lume text on the dial, though I bet it looks better in person than in pics.

    The UHR looks like a standard HK caseset with a drop-in movement and 3rd party dial, nothing impressive to me besides it being large.

    Again, this is all based on personal preferences. That said, the Tactico is made by Crepas who made a great first watch, the Le Grand which was a great endeavor.
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    Prefer the Tactico!!!!

    The branding word of the UHR looks unbalanced and way too big for me personally....
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