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Where to sell my Rolex watches

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  • Originally posted by Xnrene View Post
    I have a Rolex submariner brand new. Whee is the best place to sell?
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    • Great post!


      • Hi All, I had just joined this forum and will like to learn more from all of you.
        since we are on the topic of selling rolex, I am wondering why do people buy brand new rolex when buying pre-own is much cheaper?
        Authenticity can be easily checked by rolex shop so thats not a problem.
        Appreciate your kind advice


        • Hi everyone! Like the previous poster, I am new to this forum, and also a total newbie to watches. Not a watch person myself, I am looking to buy a timepiece for my hubs for his birthday. This forum is damn hard to use - have to post 5 replies before I can do a post - so I hope whoever reads my post can help. He currently wears an Omega something something and has been eyeing the Yachtmaster rose gold for a while, but I think he would be open to other models.

          My questions are the following. Appreciate if someone can help or point me to the relevant threads I should read!

          - Where's a good place (shop or website) to go search for a pre-loved YM RG (good prices etc)?
          - As previous poster asked, why go for brand new rather than preloved?
          - Anyone knows what the ballpark price of this watch would be today?
          - What are some other watches that I could also consider that has a good resale value?

          Thanks in advance for reading my newbie post!


          • Hi everyone! a newbie too here and still tying to navigate through this forum. Cheers!


            • Hi all,

              Just join this forum.. unable to create new thread and I think this would be the most appropriate thread title, that is ultimately what I wanted to I to do.. to sell!

              Need some advice.. I have a Submariner Date 116610LN since 2010. Unused! Never even leave the house before!

              It's a gift from company and I'm more a digital/smart watch person, so it is in the box and occasionally on a watch winder.

              Since I'm not wearing it, so intend to sell it and have been getting some quotes from various sources (including pawnshops, watch shops.. etc).

              Some seems not interested or quoted very low (e.g. 9k+). I have not bring it to any shop for eval yet. Just offered based on given details.

              Before I bring it to shops for eval, I would like to find out if this model is 'out of fashion/date' (seems like no one interested in buying) and does the value of a more than 10-yrs old watch drop significantly? How to I value the selling price of the watch? (Prices online seems to have a wide range between 12k to 20k) Is there anything I should do before bringing to shops or selling it? e.g. send it for service?

              Appreciate your advice. Thanks.


              • anyone can advise? Thanks.


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