A friend and I were walking about 15-20m from a restaurant to a main road in Barcelona, as our Uber was arriving.
However while reaching the main road, the Uber ended up being slightly delayed.

While at the roadside a group attacked my friend and pushed him on the ground, while simultaneously grabbing my arm and ripping the watch out of my hand.
I was then pushed me to the ground and the group quickly ran away cheering and celebrating. I remember seeing 4 - 5 of them.

It slipped my mind to leave the watch in the hotel safe this time - I was just heading out for dinner and immediately back to the hotel, both ways via Uber.
We were only outside of the restaurant for less than two minutes, with watch worn under long sleeve - but that was all it took.

Patek Philippe 5167A

Stolen in Barcelona on 30 Dec 2018 at 10:15PM

There is a light scuff on the watch at the 4 o’clock location - visible under certain angle under light.

Please do not travel with your luxury watches, it is really not worth the risk - these sort of robberies are happening increasingly, even in London and Paris.