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watch servicing

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  • watch servicing

    most watch buyers do not factor in the servicing cost when purchasing a watch. rolex has one of the cheapest servicing cost around compared to other brands.

    over the years in this forum, some of the more common questions that have been asked in the forum or members asking me are as follows

    1) should i service my watch before the warranty period is up?

    it really is personal preference. some people prefer say if i service slightly before the warranty period over, i get another 1 year of warranty

    some people prefer to service it every 3-5 years because this way, they believe they can keep the servicing cost manageable. if wait till it has issues, the servicing cost may cost double compared to having it serviced regularly.

    some people say no, the principle is if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    some people say no, the principle is because they prefer not to have the case back open for no apparent reason.

    some people say no because they rather wait till the watch has issues then sent it in for service.

    2) where should i sent the watch for service.

    some people prefer to send it in to RSC to service. why? because they believe that there wont be non-authentic parts used compared to sending it to outside technician to service.

    some people prefer to sent it to outside RSC to service? why? the cost of servicing is a fraction of what it is compared to RSC.

    3) if i send it to outside RSC technician to service, where should i go?

    i have always told the people who ask me, send it to someone you trust. this is very important. why? the way the technician handles your watch makes alot of difference.

    take for example. i recently change a watch dial, i went to technician A, technician A took care in removing the movement from the case. to remove the dial, the hands have to come off. technician A slot the movement into a clear plastic bag before using 2 pairs of fork to lift of the hands. i went to another technician B, the method of removing hands is just using the fork to lift it up. technician A charges more than technician B.

    so my subsequent changing dial, i went to technician A. yes, i pay slightly more but i know technician A will take care of my watch. technician B may not. it is therefore important to me to be able to see a technician @ work before handing your watch. over. some technician operate behind close doors. some operate with a glass separator. i usually monitor those with open concept. then i make my decision.

    4) outside technician, where do they get the parts from.

    this? i got no idea. that is why i always say, go to one that you trust. monitor them. chat with them. build a relationship with them. most important is trust them.

    5) can you recommend me which one to go?

    i can, you can contact me via pm. but do note, if anything goes awry, it is between you and the technician. why? the trust must be there before you hand the watch over. however, you should take time and effort to walk around and look around.

    hope this FAQ helps
    if you have issues with your account, click here for self help and read forum rules here. 90% of your answers can be found in Forum FAQ

    i DO NOT respond to any pm regarding account issues

    kindly email with
    1. subject heading indicating your issue
    2. your nick
    3. your corresponding email address
    4. state what you were trying to do and what the system prevented you to do

    if you receive no response in pm or email, it means your answers can be found in the Forum FAQ here

    your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

    disclaimer : all opinions expressed are personal

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    here is a link to a thread on the puristspro forum and the author gave great examples and illustrations and reasons why and when mechanical watches should be serviced:

    although it's a few years old, i still found it extremely informative and i hope readers can take something away from it too...
    “Watches, no matter how much they cost, are better at telling time than making a person happy.” - Thomas J. Stanley


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