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prices are falling in the resale mkt. possible to get an non date sub at an AD?

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  • prices are falling in the resale mkt. possible to get an non date sub at an AD?

    hi everyone. happy new year. was checking out prices on chrono 24 and noticed that prices for several rolex sport models have been falling. even the kermit ceramic is 20k and the non date sub is 20 percent higher than the rrp. just wondering will it be possible to get a non date sub from the AD or is that out of the question as well? i have zero purchase record with an AD.
    Only a Rolex will do for me..a tradition passed down from my father and his father..
    I have a love-hate relationship with rolex, i hate the prices but love the pieces..
    Proud owner of a Rolex Explorer II 216570 polar since 27/2/13..okay..not anymore

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    I think you may need to wait for donkey years for a popular sports model from the AD. i have been waiting for 2 years for my Perpetual in candy pink but until now still totally no news from Rolex.

    I am not in a hurry for the perpetual though as I enjoy my current datejust alot so I don't even care if the AD will call me or not. If got the perpetual is a bonus, if don't have I saved money. So both ways are good for me. I do NOT have a purchase history from Rolex either.

    You can try the grey market route though but I supposed a Submariner in grey market will be much more expensive than from the Rolex AD? I got my Rolexes from grey market, and they were much cheaper in the grey market in 2017 back then.


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