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Thread: Prices of Watch Winders

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    Default Prices of Watch Winders

    From my previous manufacturing experience, I know about 20% of the product cost usually goes to materials while 80% goes to other cost factors such as Manufacturing, R&D;, A&P;, Administrations, etc. I can’t estimate a particular unit cost unless I do an exercise taking it apart and getting quotes on those various parts. But I won’t go down that avenue.

    Looking around the local shops here, I see popular brands like Underwood, Scatola, Buben & Zorweg and Orbita on display. Prices range from “expensive” to “very expensive” (I don’t intend to say the numbers here). There are also a number of china-made re-branded units selling too. One such unit looked pretty close to those that come from ERS. It’s sold in a mall at North Bridge Road, and remembering the bad review in one of the forums, and the excessive TPD it provides, I won’t bother highlighting anything about it.

    Watch Forums usually have a Sales Corner where you can purchase one, relying on members recommendations. Such forums also have good information about various prices and where to buy them. It seems to me that there’s always a search for “cheap watch winders” amongst them.

    Yes, I do believe there will be cheap watch winders. But how cheap is cheap? And how reliable are they? As the saying goes, “Cheap things are no good while Good things are not cheap”.

    I’ve tried searching for Watch Winder complaints just for kicks and there actually was a website for “Complaints”. is another good source where many people leave their comments after buying a watch winder.

    Lastly, if you think a Watch Winder is expensive, try making one yourself then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nb1 View Post
    buy the china made one, one for $90 cheap and good
    Any particular retail shop or lobang that you may want to share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FC1976 View Post
    Any particular retail shop or lobang that you may want to share?
    It really depends on which type of winder you are looking for. There's a couple of them in the forum that are letting off for a good price.

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    Can get pretty reasonably priced watch winder on Taobao

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    Actually if we just let the watch idle wothout a winder , will it do any bad ?

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    one view is that there is no issue.

    another view is that if the watch is not in winder, the lubricant inside will settled down on one side, hence other parts will have no lubricant and when it moves after long period, it may not be good for the mechanism part. as to how long, it is hard to say because weather aka temperature plays a part.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anvo View Post
    Actually if we just let the watch idle wothout a winder , will it do any bad ?
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