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Thread: Fireman nighttrain sg50

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceheller View Post
    You mean this?

    Although limited edition, I feel the presentation could be better, maybe in some wooden box or black polymer box to make it full package limited edition ( something t like the secometer with has a wooden box or the EHC pointdexter that has black diver box )...
    Anyone knows what's the damage? Any discount for it? Where still got stock? Tks.

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    there is discount for this watch. most Ball AD will carry them.

    if you still have issues locating one, let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueLake View Post
    Anyone knows what's the damage? Any discount for it? Where still got stock? Tks.
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    I just saw a piece at the Watches of Switzerland (WOS) at Paragon, Orchard, yesterday. Should still be available now. Retail price at $2,800. Discount I am not sure.

    Good luck!

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    I got it below $2.6k=> there is discount! If u dun want to do any legwork, jus call the AD and ask if they have it before you head down to see it. If u live in east, recommend that you go to tampines Vincent watch and look fr Mr Louis , else if you live in north, go to woodland Vincent watch and look fr mr liu. Cheers.

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