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I've not been around for a long time.

if this reply offends, it's not my intention.

I think if someone is paying you to authenticate the watch in the manner you have prescribed, it seems to me like it's to much for too little.

(whether or not you examine the stuff you don't take out) how would you be able to authenticate it without the measurements and database that RSC has?

RSC can make mistakes and willingly (ok, sometimes not willingly) replace parts at their cost, but I don't think any one else can or will.

it's a small country, is a niche hobby. let's all get along! : )

It’s a joking post.
Although i have help many many bros check their watches and till date havent charged a cent.
So unless RSC takes apart the whole movement, i dont think they do a better joh than me. Hee hee

Database? In my head lor.
Big Smile.

It’s ok.
You dont know me.
It’s a small country and are we not getting along?

I sold you a beautiful jubilee bracelet at a splendid bro price didnt I, Doc?