In December 2015 the latest SEVENFRIDAY Off Series, the P2B/03-W, was released. Limited to 450 pieces, this new addition to our Industrial Revolution line is inspired by historic industrial production methods, hand-hammered copper, old iron tools and the art of woodcraft. The key feature of this piece is the animation ring which is constructed from American walnut, beech and solid cherry timbers stacked up to form seven contrasting layers of wood.

The main feature is the unique wooden animation ring but there are a lot of other new details with this latest Off-Series. The Stainless Steel case has a gun metal grey PVD treatment instead of the polished steel of the P3/02. The new interface includes copper highlights as with all SEVENFRIDAY watches inspired by the Industrial Revolution but this is the first in that family with Super Luminova. This ‘lume’ is featured on the hour hand and the 12 different hour indicators, making it easy to read in low light.

The highlight feature of the Woody II is the animation ring constructed from seven layers of American walnut, beech and solid cherry timbers. These diffent woods were cut, shaped, individually lacquered, layered and then bonded together by master craftsmen at Watschinger, an Italian luxury woodcrafting business with over 60 years experience.

As with all watches, they appear differently under different lighting conditions.

Below are a more pictures of the Woody II.

Enjoy for now, wrist shots will be added in at a later date.