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Thread: Pam 111 and 112 discont???

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    Default Pam 111 and 112 discont???

    After what seems like an eternity the 111 and 112 are now no longer found on panerai website.

    Any idea what's going on?

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    There's no official announcement regarding this. Infact, Panerai had never announced any discontinuation of any models. Usually it's the reps that inform the public of any discontinuation models during fairs or new launches. And thanks to the internet today, news can be shared more quickly and spread faster than bush fire.

    But it came as no surprise as it's just the matter of time before any ETA base movement models are taken off the shelves. There's the R serial 111 and 112 but have yet to see any S serial which could possibly indicate that these models have been discon. Like the 000 and 005, the R being the last serial.

    Clever move by Panerai is to take the remaining ETA movt they have left and house them in new boutique released as the numbers are far smaller and the prices they charge is justifiable considering its boutique editions rather then waste the last few thousands of ETA movt to release another batch of 111 and 112 which might or might not move as fast as any boutique models. And also to just concentrate on the 1000 and 1005 models as these 2 are the most "affordable" Panerais housing an ETA.

    So current Eta models are the Boutique Releases , Pam 1000 and Pam 1005.

    Discontinued in 2014 with new in house replacement models.

    113 => 563
    114 => 561
    176 => 562
    177 => 564

    So it's about time in 2016 they did this considering the in house models have been in the market for close to 2 years and the 510 being the longest around.

    111 => 510
    112 => 560

    And also the "revamped" models. Same ETA , just "slightly" inferior case structure.

    000 => 1000
    005 => 1005

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    Default Pam 111 & 112 discon???

    Thank you Ryuden for the complete update of this information!
    Let's hope that some days, the retro models can shine and return to the best old days'

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    Thanks Ryuden for the comprehensive information! I am just glad i got my 000 before it is discontinued!

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