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Thread: Personal ode to Rolex

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    first, thanks to starter for sharing a story.

    it very much depends on at which stage of watch collection one is in and the amount of disposable income one has.

    if a person has a disposable income of $100,000 to spend on watches and the person is at a beginning of watch collection, then it is possible for the person to say buy 10 pieces of $10,000 watches like rolex and other brands. if the same person has the same disposable income of $100,000 to spend on watches and the person has already say couple of various brands like rolex, then the person may not want to spend on say another 10 pieces of $10,000 watches but possibly a single watch value @ $100,000.

    other factors one will consider are over a period of time, one perception of watch collecting changes. i wont say i am very long into this, what i view on watch collecting 10 years ago and now has changed. over period of time.

    one thing for sure, i have walked several cycles. i started with rolex, move on to seiko. came back to rolex. went out again with seiko and came back to rolex. so one can say i have a soft spot for rolex.
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    My rolex is my best companion. This year workload getting heavier n I am scared. But once rolex on wrist I know I am not alone, we will fight it out together!

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