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Thread: SevenFriday Counterfeit Watches

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    Default SevenFriday Counterfeit Watches

    Dear All, in light of the increasing number of sellers claiming to sell Sevenfriday factory reject pieces. We would like to clarify that there is no such thing as factory rejects for Sevenfriday (or 1-to-1 replica or AAA grade), there are only fakes. These people are obviously peddling fake goods and we have seen people coming to us trying to authenticate the (fake) watch bought from them only to leave our office with sorrow as they realised what they owned was a piece of junk.

    Over the past 6 months, we have shut down at least 20 Facebook pages created by the same group of Internet-savvy individuals from across the straits, so if you buy from them your parcel will be shipped from Malaysia. Why not from Singapore? Because we have put their comrades in Singapore prison. And we quote "Buyers of counterfeit goods will probably not be prosecuted if the purchase was made solely for personal use. However, such buyers do face the possibility of having their fake branded goods confiscated by the authorities."

    We believe nobody is foolish enough to believe it's a real deal. For any further assistance, visit our authorised dealers listed in or email us at A letter from our friendly IO is attached for the recently concluded case.

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    Default Sevenfriday counterfeit

    Made in china sevenfriday 😡

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