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Thread: Advisory : user guide on how to post pictures using tinypic

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    Default Advisory : user guide on how to post pictures using tinypic

    FYI, there is a technical problem with attaching pics here in Singapore Rolex Club

    as such, we recommend that members upload their pics to a photo sharing webpage and link the pictures when they post...

    examples of photo sharing webpages are


    once the pictures are uploaded, here are the steps to link the pictures....

    first select the image code for the pic u want to display

    then copy and paste the link in the text box here in Singapore Rolex Club

    as simple as that.....
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    Default How to load photos.

    I see many posts from thread starters having problems with loading photos on their threads. Here's a simple step-by-step process;

    1. You will need an account with a picture hosting site such as PHOTOBUCKET (
    2. Follow the steps from the pic host to upload photos from your computer to the virtual acccount.
    3. For Photobucket, once done, move your cursor over the uploaded picture in your Photobucket album and 3 link options appear: (1) Direct link; (2) HTML code; (3) IMG code
    4. For uploading pictures on Singapore Rolex Club, highlight and copy the Direct Link code, which is the URL address of that particular picture/image.
    5. Start a new thread in Singapore Rolex Club. Type in all the text.
    6. When you want to upload a picture in the thread, click on the Insert Image button and a pop up window appears asking you to "Enter the URL of your image." Paste the URL which you had copied in step 4.
    7. Once you have pasted the URL, click OK to close the pop-up window, and when you're ready to post it, click on Submit New Thread.
    8. All done!

    Happy New Year to all!
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    using tinypic is one of the many ways to post pictures here

    go to tinypic website.

    1) then click browse

    2) navigate to your upload image directory & select file of your choice

    3) click upload now

    4) select IMG Code for Forums and Message Boards

    5) right click on Forum Code and highlight the entire row of text and select Copy

    6) in the dialog box in sgrolexclub website where you want to post picture, right click and select paste

    a similar screen shot should appear

    click submit reply. the thread will display the image.
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