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Thread: no replies to sales threads...

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    Default no replies to sales threads...

    i was told by a moderator about the rule of not responding to FS threads not started by me.

    rule 11.

    while i feel that general comments are probably not in the best interest of the threads, i think useful feedback RELATED to the item for sale should be welcomed, especially if it's informative.

    i've been (partially) burnt as recently as last year by a well-known seller due to my ignorance about a particular part of the watch he was selling.

    since then i've been known to post in certain threads in the FS sections... including telling the seller that plagiarism is unacceptable.

    i feel such unacceptable acts mirror the seller's ethics and i've been proven right more than once during PM discussions.

    JMHO, and i know i can't do anything to change the rule but perhaps it should be amended to only prevent "useless" replies.
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    You can always start a thread in the Rolex Discussion forum with the information that you wish to add in...i am sure potiental buyers locally will do homework before buying....

    As opinions can vary from each individual...i can see from your point of view that you are trying to provide information to buyers..however it will make the sales thread quite messy....

    For sales threads, it is purely for selling and buying...all discussions can take place or conduct in the various disscussion sub-forums...

    For example, 168000 is rare or low production or hard to find anot , let the potiental buyers do the homework and research....

    What i have written is purely my point of view..not from the Mod Team or forum owners
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    whilst i agree taxico in regards to posting constructive comments in sales thread, i can also see how some TS may not like it.

    i can understand why mods dont like people posting comments that can potentially turn into an off topic, i think mods should show some leeway and not just delete all post that isnt related to the sale thread.
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    i am sure that many forum members here are helpful, i have no doubt about this. i have seen many cases where i would like to help but rules are in place to make the forum neat and tidy, therefore i restraint myself.

    opinions posted in sales threads can be bias. though comments are still directed @ the item on sale, it can have either positive or negative impact on the sale item. if it is positive, everyone will be happy, what if the comments are negative and the thread starter aka seller can't sell the item?

    as much as we hope that many members do their homework before purchase, there are still members who don't for one reason or another. there are many ways to advise and help these members.

    in order to prevent any misunderstanding, any comments (positive & negative) by non thread starter is to be avoided. if any forum member feels the need to comment on a particular sale item, post a separate thread and advise other forum members. if one member say so-so member can post, other members will likely post their comments and the sales threads can turn messy. this is why there is such a rule to prevent such cases.

    there are so many sections where one member can post, even if a thread becomes OT, do any members see moderators advising members otherwise?

    we seek all members co-operation and kind understanding.
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    your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

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    if someone had advised me about the certain part of a certain watch i bought from a certain active seller, i would have avoided it.

    further, not every (potential) buyer can actually cross check a FS thread by looking through other parts of SGROC for comments and opinions, which, in itself, is more of an objective than subjective opinion, especially going just by pictures.

    i guess the only way i can stop is if i just don't look at the FS sections - i have indeed done so in order to comply as i find it impossible to "jian si bu jiu" especially after my own experience.
    “Watches, no matter how much they cost, are better at telling time than making a person happy.” - Thomas J. Stanley

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