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Thread: Why do women like Men's Rolex Watches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinidad View Post
    I onlY double take when the lady is slim svelte and stylish.
    Otherwise i siam, regardless what watch she wears....
    Lol so very true

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    Women with big wrist wears men size sports watch looks ok. But super small wrist like me (barely 5.1 inch), will look like I am wearing a clock and that is awful.

    36mm is the maximum size I can take (already look like a mini clock on me), with lots of bracelet adjustments. Everytime I adjusted my bracelet, the dealer almost cried cos my wrist is soooo very tiny (kid's wrist) that he has to cut away even some permanent links. He cried everytime he dis that cos he pity the links.

    Super tiny wrist people like me love big watches but due to our physical make up, many times we can only drool over "clocks" we would like to have on our wrists.

    Frankly very small wrist is best suited with mid size like 31mm if we really want to go "big" size. The 36mm ones i wear at home cos already look like a mini clock.

    Oh ladies size are meant for us super tiny wrists but then the face is so small that we will have problem looking at the time and date. So die die must at least get the mid size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R-oyster View Post
    Here are some reasons:

    1. They know what you like to see and they want YOU to come closer, and
    take a good look.
    2. Women watch women, more than they watch men. So, if they see another
    lady looking good in a Men's Rolex, they will follow suit.
    3. The popularity of sports watches, among both men and women. A miniature of a man's watch seems quite inapropriate. Why settle for something
    4. Relatedly, the Rolex line for women are not as diverse as that for men. No
    GMT, no Submariner, no Daytona for ladies. (Only exception being the YM)
    5. Husbands should buy their wives men's watch. If the lady does not want it, that's another watch add to HIS collection. Right?
    male watches are slightly larger,

    size matters : )

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    Default true

    You are totally current

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