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there is NO "good" brand

the winder ability to set 2 basic settings - Turns Per Day & winding direction (clockwise, anti-clockwise & bi-direction).

base on the recommended settings of orbita and B&Z, there should be a basic of 650TPD for rolex. there are winders that has a minimum of 900 TPD for watches. a check with those sellers selling 900 TPD if the watch movement will be affected in any way and their responses are NO citing that the slipping clutch of automatic watches prevents the watch from being over wound.

like any mechanic parts, there is a maximum number of times these parts can be used before they are damaged.

650 TPD will equate to ~27 turns hourly
900 TPD will equate to 37.5 turns hourly

an additional 10 turns per hour which will accelerate the wear and tear of the slipping clutch mechanism.

besides the engine to consider, other things to consider are

  • holder of the watch - mainly "sponge" like material are used. there are those sponge that retains its shape over time and there are those that loses it shape over time.

  • the material use to construct the housing of the watch winder, generally wood is used but what kind of wood.

  • the winder able to use battery to power up or needs dc power.

hope the information helps.
thanks for the explanation, helped me understand better now!