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Magnificent Seven

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  • Magnificent Seven

    I wanted to catch the movie before the show ends its run. Thankfully managed to do so. Its been a long time I have watched a Western cowboy movie, te feeling is like travelling back in time. Back then cowboy movies were popular. Even recalled begging the adults to buy me a set of colt to pretend I am a gunslinger riding into town to save them lie the classic 'Shane'. Legendary actor like Clint Eastwood in the good, the bad and the ugly really promoted the whole genre.

    I have to say the new magnificent is great and refreshing. The movie cast did justice to the movie and this is no mean feat competing with the current genre relating to superheroes...meta humans etc. Oh by the way, Dr Strange movie is on the way soon.

    I didn't feel that it was more than a 2 hour movie at all and shockingly, my kid likes it too.

    Denzel and company, you all did a great job! I will admire you from the back while you ride off into the sunset;> Hee Ha!!!

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    I like it too ! Pace and rhythm is good ! Highly entertaining ! Cool and strong characters, no brainier plot plus guns swinging and knives throwing ! Perfect for me ! Caught this on flight !


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