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Disney World - Orlando - need advise

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  • Disney World - Orlando - need advise

    I am planning for a year end trip for the family. I need your experts advise on which is the best way to plan this trip.
    I have check our local travel agents, all don't have any guide tours going there, at best, east coast USA + 1~2 days orlando which is not sufficient.
    Mostly are the free and easy package.
    Any bros here have the experience of going disney world and the other surrounding parks, care to share ??
    Thanks in advance.

  • #2
    To go Orlando, free and easy is good enough.

    Just take a flight that brings you there. Get a hotel that you want. Very easy to move around by shuttle buses to the theme parks.

    Disney pass to visit the 4 main Disney World and universal studio.

    Orlando is all about theme parks! Reason for it being popular - warm weather durign winter.

    There are some factory outlets around for shopping.

    Miami beaches - in my opinion, a total waste of time.


    • #3
      never go disney orlando b4.... i dont think need tour lah.
      but me bn to ft lauderdale, miami, also drive down all the way to key west...
      nice drive, if like fishing, go try....remember to try stone crab ( claw )... along the way got ppl sell stone crab by the road side, nice nice ...


      • #4
        i was puking out theme parks after 4 days.

        but it was great fun, but theme park food for 75% of your daily food intake for 5 days can be quite an experience.

        U dont need a tour guide, just a map, $$$$ and priority on which theme parks to visit. other than disney and universal, there are MGM, seaworld etc...plenty to choose from.


        • #5
          I rented a car there for convenient sake & the car proved very useful. But it is left-hand drive, so you got get to extra careful & slower during the first few hours of driving.


          • #6
            Thanaks guys,
            I guess F&E way to go.


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              Disney World Orlando need advise

              I'm going, with my 5 year-old daughter to Disney World for 10 days after IMF's presentation imagining it's going to be a pretty big party. I was just wondering if there are other families with similar plans thinking we may be able to catch up one day as a group for a Family Day......


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