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Advisory : Self Help for Members ( Do's and Dont's & many answers to your queries)

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  • Advisory : Self Help for Members ( Do's and Dont's & many answers to your queries)

    Before/During/After registration

    Please think carefully what nick you like to use before registering. If your registered nick contains spelling error, Singapore Rolex Club seeks your understanding that we are unable to amend/delete your nick. During registering process, check that you have fill up as much information and as accurately as possible. The information will be used to authenticate that you are the true owner of the account. Singapore Rolex Club seeks members kind understanding and co-operation in adding in your email address book. This is to ensure that you receive relevant emails from Singapore Rolex Club and act on them accordingly. Singapore Rolex Club reserves the right to take any action on any nicks without prejudice.

    Why Can't I post messages/threads?

    i) you have yet to activate your account, kindly check your spam/junk folder of the email account you used to register with Singapore Rolex Club.

    ii) To encourage members to share information and knowledge, the garage is open to members who have contributed a minimum of 5 posts by posting replies in existing threads in non garage sections ( watch gallery, lifestyle/entertainment & members corner ONLY ) of the forum in order to have privileges to post reply/thread in garage sections.

    Kindly note that though you have achieve the post count, there is a turn around time up to 24 hours for system to upgrade your status from moderated user.

    iii)Why Can't I post messages in Garage Section?

    You need a minimum of 5 posts. Kindly refer to point (ii) to see how you can achieve 5 posts
    iv) Why Can't I post new threads/ ?

    You need a minimum of 5 posts. Kindly refer to point (ii) to see how you can achieve 5 posts

    Log into the forum

    After you input your nick and password, check the box beside the words Remember Me. This is to ensure that you are not log out of the system when you surf other pages before coming back.

    Why Am I not receiving emails (including activation codes) from Singapore Rolex Club?

    Check your email service provider spam/junk folder.if you find Singapore Rolex Club emails in your spam/junk folder, kindly add in your email address book. if there is no email received, this can be due to incoming filters that you have set. kindly check the rules of blocking incoming note that the email (including activation codes) are sent to the email address you register with Singapore Rolex Club. ensure you have registered a valid email address with Singapore Rolex Club, refer to this thread on how to change your email address if you have registered wrongly

    Why Are My Threads/Posts Not Appearing

    this is because your threads/posts are under moderation, it takes up to 48 hours for your threads/posts to be approved by moderators.

    Why Can't I access all the sections in the forum?

    i) you were tasked to update your sales threads which you fail to do so via pm. your access to the forum is limited to several sections.
    ii) you were tasked to update your profile email address. instructions are given to you via pm. kindly follow them so that your account can be reset to default when you have perform the task required.
    iii) do note that any nick that is partially/wholly (implicit/explicit) of a business entity/commercial services are not allowed. only paid advertisers in this forum is allowed to use such nick.

    Do note that moderators and/or administrators reserves the right to limit your access to the forum without prejudice.

    1. Singapore Rolex Club is a worldwide forum. As such sensitive topics/opinions/views on race/religion/politics/culture/etc will be subjected on the discretion of the administration and moderators. Any post(s)/thread(s) that is not in English will be remove without prejudice.
    2. please be polite and courteous, insults & name calling and harassing against any members (implicit/explicit) including moderators, administrators, owners and forum is prohibited. actions can be taken against you without prejudice.
    3. any undesirable acts committed by you will result in you being warned, if repeated warnings are not heeded, actions can be taken against you such as infraction points being issued against you. you will be informed of such infraction points through pm. ignorance is no excuse. in special circumstances, any actions by member(s) which are deemed inappropriate by moderators and/or administrators, member(s) can be taken to task without warnings and prejudice
    4. please note that your nicks are subject to the approval of the forum (administrators/moderators). any registered nick (wholly/partially/implicitly/explicitly) which are deemed inappropriate will banned and removed.
    5. please feel free to post and seek advice on matters which you like to know. you are also strongly encouraged to use the search function to find out more on the topic you are interested in prior to posting a thread.
    6. Posting of misleading information is strictly prohibited. Any member who commit such an act will be dealt with accordingly without prejudice by administrators and/or moderators.
    7. Any post(s)/thread(s) with the intention of undermining the forum/forum owner(s)/administrator(s)/moderator(s) are prohibited. User can be denied access to the forum on the sole discretion of the administrator(s)/moderator(s).
    8. Kindly do not abuse any features of the forum such as the iTrader system, private message, rewards, etc. Any user who commit such act will be dealt with accordingly. Penalties can be imposed on user without prejudice.
    9. Trolling will be dealt with accordingly. Penalties can be given on sole discretion of the moderators/administrators.
    10. Any members who accumulates 3 infraction warnings within 12 months will have access restricted for 3 months. If 4th infraction warning is issued within 9 months from the date of 3rd infraction, access will be restricted for 6 months.

    Some Dos & Dont's
    • any information such as user name, email address, etc, directly/indirectly which intend to impersonate and/or mislead the public that the said particular individual and/or group is a staff of Singapore Rolex Club is prohibited. Administration reserves the right to take any action that is deem appropriate against any user(s) and/or group(s) without warning and prejudice.
    • please refrain from TCSS in garage sales section. posts such as "up for nice watch", "good price", too high a price etc is prohibited. you strongly advised against posting such comments.
    • kindly note that any
      • nick that is partially/wholly (implicit/explicit) of a business entity/commercial services are not allowed.
      • commercial details (implicit and/or explicit) such as shop address, websites are not allowed in any part of your profile (such as signatures and location)
    any such details will be removed without prejudice. only forum paid advertisers can use commercial information of business entity in their profile.
    • posting of information (implicit and/or explicit) that can lead to a transaction of an item not within the garage section and/or in member's profile is prohibited. persistent posting of such information for transaction of item(s) for sale/acquisition not within the garage section will lead to your account having restricted access.
    • when you email and/or respond to an email by administrator, kindly quote the original email (if any) so that the administrator can relate to your query. please use an email that is valid, provide as much details as possible, stating your nick, your email address *verification purpose*, nature of your query (be detailed and concise). this is to facilitate your query to be handled as quickly as possible (within 48 hours). failure to do so will result in delay in resolving your query. please check your spam/junk folder for response. if you do not receive any response, it means that your email account is not configured to receive email from Singapore Rolex Club administrator. as such, Singapore Rolex Club seeks your kind understanding.
    • there is a time window of about 5 minutes for users to edit their posting. once this period expires, users are unable to edit any posts.
    • Administration and moderator(s) will exercise due discretion and action can be taken against any posts/threads/members without prejudice and decision is final. The forum reserves the right not to explain any decisions

      your co-operation is much appreciated.
    if you have issues with your account, click here for self help and read forum rules here. 90% of your answers can be found in Forum FAQ

    i DO NOT respond to any pm regarding account issues

    kindly email with
    1. subject heading indicating your issue
    2. your nick
    3. your corresponding email address
    4. state what you were trying to do and what the system prevented you to do

    if you receive no response in pm or email, it means your answers can be found in the Forum FAQ here

    your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

    disclaimer : all opinions expressed are personal

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