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Bergeon Cyclotest watch winder

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  • Bergeon Cyclotest watch winder

    I wanted to introduce you guys to the Bergeon cyclotest (5803), esp useful for bracelet watches.

    It is used by watchmakers ... winds at 4rpm ... so it takes about 3 hours to do a full day's winding at continous wind with no rest, but in multiple axis.

    Just bought a knock-off , off ebay for S$90 ... will wait and see how it works

  • #2
    Congrats on your new buy keltzar... just remember to keep TPDs low. You putting it on an external timer I suppose?

    Alternatively, make one like THIS for less than $90...

    Enjoy it!
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      interesting... but beyond me technically!

      haha... no.. I plan to put my pieces on it for about 30mins and then transfer them to my regular timed winder for 24hours. Currently I do the second bit only... and was concerned that these regular timed watch winders only move in one axis. So I figure a cyclotest would be able to move it in different axis at least for a while ...and also get the winding started. Esp useful for my seiko pieces which can't be hand wound.

      I wind the watches every 1-2 months just to keep the oils moving... those i don't wear so often.


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