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Beware of "Replica" Rubber B strap even from authorized dealer

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  • Beware of "Replica" Rubber B strap even from authorized dealer

    Hi SRC,

    • Pictures will be available below
    • Authorized dealer "A" sell the strap, "A" told me to go to "AB" to install the strap. Receipt received from "AC"
    • Watch strap could not be installed; scratched/nicked at lugs due to installation attempts
    • Fortunately refund received from "A"
    • Went to another authorized dealer but could not be installed as well; further scratches/nicks
    • Strap found to be a replica according to Rubber B via email from the inwards and outwards colored strip
    • However replica and Rubber B website similar (both inwards)
    • Rubber B say they do not claim responsibility for authorized dealers
    • Purchased from Everest and fit is perfect
    • Looking for recommendation for polishers in SG

    I owned a 126710BLNR (Batgirl) recently and wanted to purchase a Rubber B strap. I contacted rubber b via email and asked which specific model fits the following watch. They sent me a link and I found the specific model number M106CD-BK/VCBL. I then went to see that there are 2 authorized vendors selling them. Both have stock of the item.

    So I contacted G* W*to purchase the strap. Upon arrival to the shop, they told me to head down to P* W* E* to collect and install the strap since their “technician” is there. For around 15 mins he had difficulty installing the strap. I suggested bringing it home to install it since I left my 7825 at home, and he passed me a set of spring bar because he mentioned that the Rolex Spring bar will not be able to accommodate the case and the strap. I then requested a receipt so that if it doesn’t fit, I can get a refund from them and they agreed to it. However the receipt is from another company T* A*.

    Even using the 7825 I can’t install the strap because the spring bar just can fit into the holes. You can get 1 in but not the other. I then went to the other authorized vendor and asked for the strap. He then tried to install it into the watch, but it was not possible as well after trying for quite a while. Note that by this time my watch lugs were pretty scuffed up with scratches and nicks. After that I gave up and also got my refund from G*W.

    I then emailed Rubber B then they asked for pictures of the strap. I contacted G*W* and they willingly send me a few photos of the strap. Rubber B stated that the strap is a “replica” therefore it couldn’t fit. They mentioned that in the pictures the blue strip on the strap is meant to protrude out instead of being depressed inside the strap. However upon checking their website image the strap image also shows it being depressed inside. Rubber B said that they will inspect and contact G*W*. They then said that they are not responsible for anything and mentioned that the strap must be purchased from Rubber B website directly, and it is not a manufacturer defect.

    I believe Rubber B and the relevant shops will not take responsible it, therefore I gave up purchasing Rubber B Strap. I went to purchase an equivalent Everest band and it fits easily and perfectly with the provided spring bar. But now im left with a few weeks old watch with scratched/nicked lugs.

    To potential Rubber B buyers, I would strongly suggest to purchase from other companies. If you really want Rubber B please purchase from their website directly.

    If you have any more queries feel free to comment here. If there are more interest i can send the full email conversation with Rubber B.

    P.S. Thanks Triton for allowing me to voice my concerns.

    Last edited by gabetjh; 31-01-20, 10:50 PM.

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    Refer to for more pictures and comparison between "replica" and real


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