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Rolex price increase 2022

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  • Rolex price increase 2022

    I am glad that i owe rolexes. Am not rich so if I want gold rolex, I won't be able to own one now due to yearly price increase. I am not updated on the rolex price increase, so probably there's more than one price increase per year? I scrolled carousell and websites for the price of my rolex models and was shocked to see the substantial price increase on the resale market! Resale market seems to mark up prices in accordance to Rolex price increase.

    I feel Rolex delibrately increase prices for the exclusive client ownership of the watch, I don't think its that much due to shortage supply of raw materials or labour? What do you think?

    Will the Rolex bubble burst one day? I don't know. Right now I saw people from China lining in long queues to buy Rolex and Chanel bags rather than purchasing its property. It seems China people feel luxury goods are a better investment than the property market? what are your views?

    I have so many curious, what is going on? Even handbag like LV, Chanel, Hermes are in hot demand. Handbags, oh gosh! Handbags spoilt easily! Yet people rather queue for them than property?!

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    Too many rich people around these days -


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