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The "One watch to Rule Them all"

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  • The "One watch to Rule Them all"

    Hey all,

    I would like to share a watch that, in my heart, is my most precious possession. It has a far great value to me than the Pams, JLCs, FMs, Rolexes, etc, that I currently own.

    My grandmother began her story by telling me that my late grandfather grew up extremely poor and did not have the opportunity to study so he started working a very young age and eschewed all "luxuries" to give his family the best opportunities in life to hopefully succeed. This Pagol watch was his first and only luxury that he managed to buy at the age of 40!

    He would wear it all the time and even in his golden years, I would remember wheeling him, he was then already confined to a wheelchair due to his bad knees, to the balcony for his daily smoke break and he would still wear his Pagol watch. It was his daily routine, his beautiful pipe and watch, together with him, at 730pm sharp, watching the sunset, with me by his side, listening to his stories.

    He passed away in 1990 when I was only 12 and his possessions were kept by my grandmother and we moved on. I grew up, started work and got married.

    Then, this year, 2013, I was helping my grandmother clean her room and, out of the blue, she passed me a small blue box and told me that it was my late grandfather's most precious item and when I opened it, it was the Pagol watch! Memories started flooding back and I had a real hard time keeping my tears to myself.

    That night, I shared my story with my wife as we got ready for bed and we noticed a HUGE moth in our room! It was hanging on one of my curtains. I took no notice of it till the next day and shared this with my grandmother and she told me an old superstition that it meant that a loved one, long passed, was visiting me.

    I did some research online and decided to bring this watch for polishing and servicing so that I can wear my late grandfather's watch, to remember the great times that we spent together. After 3 months, the watch came home and it is a beauty! And I would like to share some photos with the forum.
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    S$40.00 in 1966

    And finally on my wrist!

    Some interesting notes:

    1. Found out that the bezel was cracked and the watchmaker actually sourced an original bezel & glass to replace it! Other than that, it works perfectly.

    2. The watch shop that sold the watch to my late grandfather is still around in Balestier! They just moved next door!

    3. Singapore office numbers were only 6 digits and there was no such thing as a postal code!

    To me, this S$40 watch is the most precious heirloom to me and I wear it with pride every time I go out.

    Happy reading, guys & gals!


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      You know what, azrielsc...every time I read about such heirloom story, I wish I have such an experience and memory.

      The watch is no doubt priceless. So is the memory. Pass both on...

      Really appreciate your effort to share this touching story and the interesting findings...Cheers.
      Watches are like potato chips - You never stop at one

      Never political, seldom diplomatic, always honest


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        I plan to leave my watches down too when I passed on.

        Do treasure this priceless piece!


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          Thanks guys! Just want to share something that I think is lacking in this world. We are always buying the latest and greatest, which is fine, but sometimes, we need to step back, smell the roses and treasure/appreciate what we have!

          Sorry, in 1966, office numbers are 5 digits, not 6, my bad!

          And I am now trying to find my late grandfather's pipe!


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            Its a priceless beauty. Kudos to the watch maker who can find original parts.

            IMO if going to wear frequently, better swap to leather straps.
            The bracelet looks like folded type and will eventually wear off.

            Thanks for sharing the story and pictures.
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            Wanted to add PP but bo lui


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              Well done!


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                great story with a beauty....

                gotta keep my watches to pass down too...

                BALL Fireman Ionsphere
                Rolex Daytona 116520 M series
                Rolex Sub C 116610LN AN series

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                Next Target:
                Rolex Day-date 18239!! The president.. :D:D

                In the meantime:
                Save $$ ar!!! & hope strike TOTO or Big Sweep!! :pray:


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                  These memories and experiences are exactly what I wish to pass down to my own kids when I expire.


                  • #10
                    Indeed this is a priceless watch. It does matter the money but the value of it can't be bought.


                    • #11
                      I have never met my maternal and paternal grandparents.

                      Our family was so poor that my father left nothing behind, except his teaching.

                      Which is why I yearn for such a memory that TS has, not so much for the watch, although that would be perfect.

                      Don't take things for granted.

                      (I am getting emotional...)
                      Watches are like potato chips - You never stop at one

                      Never political, seldom diplomatic, always honest


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                        Amazing and touching story...That is what make this world a beautiful one.

                        I was given a Titoni automatic for doing very well in primary school (no quartz in those days), but unfortunately it passed on over the course of time. Now all I have are fond memories of those carefree days...

                        Maybe I will eventually get myself a Titoni just to pass to grandchildren (if they think it is worth keeping at all) :-)


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                          Nice watch, and great story behind it. It's always the sentimental value that triumphs over the material value of the watch. Glad that you are enjoying the watch well
                          "Oh enjoying the thrill of the chase is fine. Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathize entirely. But sentiment, sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side."


                          • #14
                            thanks for sharing


                            • #15
                              That is what we call " VALUE "

                              A " True VALUE " that cannot be measure by $$$.


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