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Do you like being noticed?

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  • Do you like being noticed?

    There is a stereotype that Rolex owners are great boasters. Be honest here, do you like being noticed with your Rolex?

    between, I'm not asking why you bought a Rolex, as most you you bought it for your own satisfaction, I;m just asking if you like being noticed or not.

    As for myself, I don't mind, either way.. but I hate it when people judge me based on my watch
    I love being noticed. I do all I can to be noticed.
    Its always nice if someone notices it.
    I'd rather no-one notices, but it doesnt bother me.
    I always hide it under cuffs, wearing a Rolex is an embarrasment

  • #2
    i kind of prefer people to notice it. I mean, not being proud, but shouldn't good things be appreciated?


    • #3
      I wear my watch under cuffs, I don't hide them, just protecting them, I don't fold my sleeves to "show off" them nor "shake" my watch to "tell" people what watch I am wearing...


      • #4
        I didnt wear my watch to impress anybody, so i rather it went unnoticed. Got to admit, it does attract some unwanted attention at times from new friends and in the office
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        • #5
          Bought watch for personal satisfaction. Kinda like a milestone in life. Getting notice for wearing it is secondary.


          • #6
            No? Not for my watch.
            The Crown Of Achievement


            • #7
              i believe subconciously most of us would want others to notice but not say, "Wah!!! you rich lei got rolex!!"

              ...... i rather them notice and think to themselves, "Wow nice watch, good taste." Both way you get noticed, while for the latter, you dont need to be embarrassed by others...

              Or even better, if possible, if i see a guy with a classy watch, i would look at them in the eye and give them the "nice watch" look hahahahah
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              • #8
                To me it is nice to get notice, but even dun have, its stilll fine with me... Those ppl that notice, shd be a watch lover too...
                No More Liao...


                • #9
                  I usually look at the whole package first even before focusing on peoples' wrists.

                  But to answer your question, I am a little dandy, so yes, I like to be appreciated for the entire package and if the watch gets noticed along the way, well, so much to say about "dandiness"...

                  People have certainly given me the " you are also same like me" look....


                  • #10
                    I don't pretend to stroke my chin to show my Rolex; or hold my wrist higher than normal to see time. But it's nice to be noticed by one who appreciates a Rolex and by one who engages in small talk about the watch.


                    • #11
                      i dun really bother whether people notice or not....becoz i wear under the radar looks like a seiko,citizen or pulsar from a distance....even the crown and wordings on my exp1 is so small compare to other models...
                      Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak

                      Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen

                      Quoted from Sir Winston Churchill


                      • #12
                        It is nice to be noticed, but if nobody notices, its fine by me as well. I agree with everyone here, buying something nice, be it expensive or not is for our own pleasure, not to show to others. When I say its nice to be noticed is when someone who is into watches notices and we can have a nice chat about our hobby. Normally people who see will ask, wah real or not, as I dress very casually during weekends, comfort is my priority so I'm sorta used to such questions from friends. They don't mean any harm or being sarcastic bout it but rather because we are good and close friends, we are real about expressing our thoughts to each other. So yeah I do think its nice to be noticed.
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                        • #13
                          i agree with most people here, i think it is nice to get a compliment because of your watch. We all want to feel appreciated.


                          • #14
                            i prefer people not notice what watch i wear. however i like to notice what watch people wear.
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                            • #15
                              but when you notice, you usually keep quiet. what i dislike the most is when people start to grab your arm, making comments, etc.
                              [U]Currently wearing[/U]:
                              [SIZE="1"]TT Datejust with diamond dial - sold!
                              Blue 6694
                              Seiko SD-lookalike[/SIZE]
                              [U]"My collection"[/U]:
                              [SIZE="1"]Blue 6694; TT DJ w diamond dial.[/SIZE]


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