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Advisory : How To Put Text As Links In Message

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  • Advisory : How To Put Text As Links In Message

    Step 1: Click on Post New Thread or Quick Reply.

    Step 2: Go to the browser window which you want to create the link. highlight the entire url. once highlighted, RIGHT CLICK and select option Copy

    Step 3 : Go Back to the browser window which you need to insert link and type test link

    Step 4: Highlight the words test link and Click on Insert Link button

    a dialog box will then appear

    Step 4: right click on the URL dialog box and select paste option

    Step 5: then click Ok button

    Step 6: When done, click on Submit New Thread or Post Reply

    Step 7: The desire text you want is now a link which looks like something below

    if you have issues with your account, click here for self help and read forum rules here. 90% of your answers can be found in Forum FAQ

    i DO NOT respond to any pm regarding account issues

    kindly email with
    1. subject heading indicating your issue
    2. your nick
    3. your corresponding email address
    4. state what you were trying to do and what the system prevented you to do

    if you receive no response in pm or email, it means your answers can be found in the Forum FAQ here

    your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

    disclaimer : all opinions expressed are personal

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