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Buying Sinn from THG vs Buying Sinn in Germany.

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    Buying Sinn in Germany

    Hi Guys i am going Germany in May...

    Buying a Sinn there is it cheap than SG pricing?

    If yes where to buy them?



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      Definitely will be cheaper if we are talking about brand new set from factory/authorized dealer (called Sinn Depot, you can check their location from You can get back 19% tax (if you choose global tax refund, you gain back about 15%) and also the euro is so low now.


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        I think someone here is doing that right? I think his nick is 'puateikor' or something?
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          Yup yup, Thts me!!!


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            where in germany. online? - gotta a link?


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                Originally posted by terrenceterrence View Post
                Sinn direct sales are only conducted through walk-ins.

                So do remember to drop by the factory is you're around frankfurt.

                it;s not really that far from the airport and city centre.

                Savings can be quite alot.

                but be warned if you try to send it back to THG for servicing, even under warranty.

                THG is one BIG F**KING liar when it comes to telling you what is covered under warranty when it comes to watches not sold by them.

                I sent in my watch twice which i bought from Sinn directly

                the first time the lume pip on the bezel dropped off and they quoted me 50 bucks to glue it back because they said "external defects" are not covered under warranty.

                second time the pvd coating is fading...they said they would take it for investigation. few days later, i received a call stating that it's again an "external wear and tear" so i would be charged to rectify it. KNS!!! WTF?!!! wear and tear within 6 months of ownership?!

                i finally got a e-mail from Sinn directly regarding this matter

                here;s the excerpt:

                Dear Sir,

                thank you for your e-mail.

                You buy the 857 s directly from Sinn Factory Frankfurt, if there is a problem with the watch there is covvered under warranty the Sinn customer service check it and repair it under warranty.

                If you contact an Sinn- dirtributon partner in your county the situation is changed. The distributor can repair your watch for a charge if he repair the watch by himself. The other way is that he handle the procedure of sending the watch to germany for you. It can be that the ditributor charge you for that procedure.

                To give you a reliable information about the PVD coating of your Sinn-watch we need to have a look at it. For this purpose you are certainly welcome
                to send your watch to us. For sending it I would recommend to insure it sufficiently.

                never once THG explained to me why they would charge me for the repairs. they jsut choose to tell me it's "external defects & Wear and tear" bull..

                the 50 bucks is not much and i would gladly pay if i get an honest answer like what Sinn conveyed to me in the e-mail which i think is fair enough.

                but to cheat ppl and tell them BS is going abit too far.

                i wrote countless e-mails to them to explain to me about this matter and have yet to get a reply
                hmmm...i dont think THG is obliged to provide after sales service for watches that was not bought through them... its just common business sense...

                by buying direct, one savings is more but the trade off is that should there be any servicing are basically on your own. guess.

                THG should be just transparent about the charges and communicate clearly in such instances.
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                  I own a U1 SDR since Sep 10. So far so good no problems at all. In fact I am amazed by the hardness of the bezel and the casing. I wear it everyday and there are only scratches on the catch, no scratches on the watch at all. I am impressed by the build quality. I work in the Marine Industry btw.
                  My CO got it for me from Germany direct. Well worth the money.

                  Just my 2 cents.
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                    does THG still gives 30% discount on all Sinn watches?
                    jai guru deva om .. ..


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                      Originally posted by bing View Post
                      does THG still gives 30% discount on all Sinn watches?
                      I still gotten 30% discount for my 358, but I ordered that in Oct & collected in Nov, so should still be having the discount.
                      Just go down to take look & ask 😊


                      • #41
                        Going to Sinn in a few days. Message me at 98167817 if any queries.


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                          thanx peckio
                          jai guru deva om .. ..


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