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Considering Omega, Anonimo, Glycine

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  • Considering Omega, Anonimo, Glycine

    Hi all,

    newbie here, getting more and more fascinated in the world of horology.

    i've been wearing Swatches and G-Shocks most of my life, and i was never into them. To me, a watch is just a time-telling device and i could not imagine paying thousands of dollars just for a watch then.

    it was until i saw a business associate wearing a nice big watch and i thought it looked pretty good. i asked to have a closer look and he gladly offered it to me. I held it and thought, wow this is heavy and big. Brand? "Officine Panerai Luminor Marina". It was a manual winding watch with a clear glassback.

    I thought to myself, not bad! big and classy, but i've never heard of the brand before. Moreover it came with a rubber strap, can't cost that much right? So i casually asked about the price, and boy was i shocked to learn that it cost him about S$6k back in 2005, and it should be about S$8k now.

    Panerai was my "first love" from then onwards, but somehow i couldn't justify nor afford that kind of price for a watch.

    Slowly i got myself more involved and started reading up more, and got more and more "poisoned"

    I currently own a russian watch and i must say the experience has been great.

    I am now ready to look into owning a higher end watch, and i have shortlisted 3 brands:
    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size, ref 2908.50.82

    Glycine Lagunare Certified Chronometer 3000, ref 3875

    Anonimo Professionale Model 6000 Black face

    Would like to seek your comments on the above. Both Omega and Glycine are COSC certified chronometers, while the Anonimo is not (i think). Does being COSC certified mean alot? Omega has its inhouse (although ETA based) movement which is a plus point, Glycine and Anonimo are limited editions which add to the snob appeal. Each has its own merits and i can't decide.

    If you were me, which will you choose and why?

    If you happen to know the list prices and discount level of the above Glycine and Anonimo, do advise too.

    Appreciate all comments. thanks in advance!
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  • #2
    the prices diff quite alot leh... i think Glycine cheapest & anonimo most ex.

    if base on looks/ wt/ size etc. personally i will pick anonimo.


    • #3
      Omega for me, maybe cos' I'm more traditional n trust 'old brand' la. More reliable n upmarket a bit. Looks wise, oso prefer te Omega one. Dunno why but i've never like watches wif 'visible screws' on its face. Tats jus me.
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      • #4
        Omega in a heartbeat! Loves its classic design and co-axial movement!
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        • #5
          +3! PO All the Way!

          Originally posted by psee View Post
          Omega in a heartbeat! Loves its classic design and co-axial movement!


          • #6
            I will go for the Omega too...
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            • #7
              An Omega anytime...

              Sometimes forgotten, but always contactable. Darkangel (2007-2014)


              • #8
                i will give omega a miss. personal reasons. also, you have to be careful on getting anonimo watch. their base movements is quite small and their watch case pretty big. so they tend to have a holder holding its movement, so u might end up paying for 'italian air'. also not much of a glycine fan. bottomline, i give all 3 a miss for one reason or another.

                however, u have shortlisted these 3 and they must appeal to u @ one stage or another. to help u decide,questions you need to ask yourself

                1) budget? as the watch prices differ quite abit. so set your budget then you will have your choice.

                2) watch purpose? for sporty or dress or both?

                3) do you want to wear a watch where it is common to alot of people? if yes, omega, else anonimo or glycine.

                OT: my recommendations, a rolex sports model because u asking a question in rolex forum. the choice is clear. the feeling of having one in hand is PRICELESS
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                • #9
                  Do not fall into the trap of COSC and Limited Editions, they are just purely marketing. You will come across in your collecting journey too many Limited Editions.

                  I know I should not talk about buying watch as an investment. But for for practical reason, if you decide one day to flip your watches and don't want to lose too much money on the resale market, get the Omega PO. Glycine and Anonimo have poor resale value. Just my 0.03 (after GST and cooking oil increase )
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                  • #10
                    thanks all for your recommendations. looks like Omega (and Rolex) is the way to go.

                    for me, the watch must have presence (big face, at least 42mm), be from a watchmaking company with tradition, accurate movement and most importantly suit my wrist. Resale value doesn't matter much as i don't think i will ever sell it.

                    i've tried the PO, i thought it looked great. haven't had the opportunity to try the Anonimo and Glycine.

                    I like the design of the Anonimo the most, but i'm not too sure of its availability in Singapore since its LE, and i hope its price isn't too far off from PO.

                    next comes Omega and lastly Glycine.

                    if not for the COSC certification, the Glycine will not have been in my list

                    for the price i'm prepared to pay, the value i want to get is the brand recognition, movement, history and COSC.

                    the Anonimo is the exception in this case without the COSC, because it reminds me so much of Panerai.

                    but then again, PO seems to be leading the charge now
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                    Rolex 216570


                    • #11
                      I dun like Glycine...coz it's THG house brand hahaha

                      Sometimes forgotten, but always contactable. Darkangel (2007-2014)


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