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Who owns a seiko marine master MM 300

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  • #16
    Originally posted by funkyyong View Post
    Fir chan,

    There's one going 2nd hand on the Seiko Garage now. I think its by a seller called stupid bear. haha not sure if its sold though..
    Met stupid bear just last night and had a good chat with him. Very nice chap!!

    I am closer to getting my hands on this piece!!


    • #17
      Got my hands on the MM300 a while back.

      Funny thing is that it is still in the box and now i gotten it. I dun want to wear it! Fearing i might ill treat it! Wahahha....

      I guess i will have to first get it resized before i do anything.


      • #18
        Gxgx.. Welcome to the MM300 family!


        • #19
          Welcome to the Club.

          Current Collection :

          1) Rolex YG White Mother of Pearl Roman Dial Datejust 16018 (8 mil Serial)

          2) Rolex YG Black Computer Roman Dial Datejust 16238 (L Serial)

          3) Rolex TT Blue Submariner 16613LB (M Serial)

          4) Rolex YG Red Vignette DayDate 18038 (8 mil Serial)

          5) Rolex PT Pinkish White MOP DayDate 18206 (A Serial)


          • #20
            Expensive but nice Seiko diver.


            • #21
              One of my grail.
              In Present:-
              Tudor Heritage Black Bay Burgundy 79230R
              Omega 3570.50.00 Speedmaster Professional
              Zenith Favre Leuba Pocket Watch

              In Remembrance:-
              Rolex Explorer II "Polar" 16570 A series
              Rolex Submariner 168000 R series
              Rolex Submariner 16610 X series
              Rolex Submariner 16610 K series
              Rolex 116400GV Milgauss


              • #22
                Originally posted by Helanga View Post
                One of my grail.
                MM 300 is a must own piece !

                Last edited by Cocas; 08-03-17, 03:41 PM.


                • #23

                  All seiko diver fan must own MM300


                  • #24
                    Last edited by SnS1601; 12-04-17, 11:00 AM. Reason: Amend link


                    • #25
                      Nice. Nice strap too.


                      • #26
                        Do agent repair mm300 or must sent to jpn if any problem


                        • #27
                          seek Mr Goh for advice and/or assistance.

                          Originally posted by undertaker View Post
                          Do agent repair mm300 or must sent to jpn if any problem
                          if you have issues with your account, click here for self help and read forum rules here. 90% of your answers can be found in Forum FAQ

                          i DO NOT respond to any pm regarding account issues

                          kindly email with
                          1. subject heading indicating your issue
                          2. your nick
                          3. your corresponding email address
                          4. state what you were trying to do and what the system prevented you to do

                          if you receive no response in pm or email, it means your answers can be found in the Forum FAQ here

                          your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

                          disclaimer : all opinions expressed are personal


                          • #28
                            I have a MM300 but with a dent on one part of the case. Anyone with any advice on where I can get it repaired? Is it even possible to repair? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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