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Advise needed on two PAM models :312 and 000

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  • Advise needed on two PAM models :312 and 000

    Good evening all,

    am trying to decide between a 312 or 000

    Prefer 000 as loving the simplicity
    312 for the 3 days power reserve and mature look.

    know nuts about movement . can advise if there a big diff between OP calibre and P9000?

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    Lots of difference between 000 and 312. Manual (basic movement) vs 3-day Automatic, 312 uses 1950 case, 312's thicker, 312 has date window, 312's Luminor Marina, etc.

    Question is whether 312 justifies the delta in $$$? Personal choice between the 2 watches as they are quite different to each other


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      000 uses a midified unitas 6497 movement which has a long history. A vwry reliable workhorse, imho.

      The 312 utilises pam's in-house p9000 calibre which, imho is just a "better" mousetrap. Bur coa it'a in-house, u pay a bit if premium for it.

      The p9000 isn't my favourite movement. It's got the noisiest rotor. There were some issues with my early series 320, which uses the p9001, basically a p9000 with gmt and caseback pri.

      Took quite a few visits to pam boutique to rectify aeveral problema, including rotor alignment, spinning rotor but not winding rhe movement, movement fast by up to 5 minutes a week .

      Unless you are one of those suckers who feel that in-house MUST be better than go for it. Otherwise, stick to the 000 which appears to be in higher demand. And is powered by a tried and proven movement.
      I don't have enuf watches but I will stop buying now!


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        sorry for a noob question

        anybody can explain manual winding?

        meaning i need to wind it few round before wearing then it will move normally for the next 24 hours?


        • #5
          You will need to fully wind in order for the power to last 56 hours


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            Originally posted by ahkiat View Post
            sorry for a noob question

            anybody can explain manual winding?

            meaning i need to wind it few round before wearing then it will move normally for the next 24 hours?
            Manual wind requires u to eind using the crown in order to get it moving. Full wind will keep the watch going for between 42-56 hours depending. For base pams, usually 56 hours or more. A generic 6497 usually lasts 42 hours thereabouts.

            It's similar to a wind-up toy. Same principle. No matter how u shake there is no rotor to wind the main spring.
            I don't have enuf watches but I will stop buying now!


            • #7
              312 for sure

              I had radiomir manual winding n sold it.Sometime forgot to wind ,halfway d time stop n nvr bring my phone out sibeh jialat is like my watch just accessory i owned all automatic watches like pam104,pam359 n others brand auto only.Pam 1950 confirm nicer that luminor case,in my personal opinion lar,young mah hahaha
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                Manual winding is more historically correct for Pam.

                For those who don't care about history, getting an automatic may be more convenient.

                Personally I have no preference. Both also can. When I wear my manual usually for a few days in a row I like the feedback when winding it. Feels good. When wearing automatic I just wear and go no need to think.

                As a first Pam between 312 and 000 however I'll take the 312 although it's much thicker.

                I no feel for the 000. Prefer the 112


                • #9
                  I very much prefer the Pam 000 because it's the most iconic model reflecting the storied legacy of Panerai


                  • #10
                    The PAM 0 for sure. But not the current snap in casebacks and the springbars. Get a used one with screw in caseback plus the screw in bars.
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                    • #11
                      Pam 000

                      As usual, Pam 000 is hero and love it for all Pam lovers'

                      Wear it and you will feel good , IMHO


                      • #12
                        Now, you know the differences between the 2, which would you go for?

                        I will go for 312 since I've the manual ones.
                        Just another small small small small watch user ....


                        • #13
                          Why not..

                          I just changed from 312 to 1312 and am totally loving it as it fits much better under long sleeve shirt. Maybe 1312 can be a consideration for you as well.

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                          • #14
                            Interesting. True that it is quite annoying with the watch not being able to fit long sleeves shirt.


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                              Sorry to hijack but i cant make new threads yet.

                              Is the new Pam01000 worth it for 4500 with 1 year warranty left.


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