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Advisory : For buyers on authentication of watch

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  • Advisory : For buyers on authentication of watch

    I have been asked many times, do i need to authenticate a purchase of watch.

    scenario 1:

    watch is bought from a local authorized dealer such as The Hour Glass, Sincere Fine Watch, Dickson, Cortina, Watch Palace, KHH, THH, etc. if you have just spend like above 5000 on a watch bought from them. you may want to take the watch to the respective service centre for authentication if you really must. it is your choice. so long as you have check the serial number that matches that of the warranty card/paper/documentation. you check that all manuals, and accessories are present @ point of sale, you can give it a miss. chances of them selling you a fake watch or watch with fake parts is low.

    scenario 2:

    watch bought from a PI or preown shop or fellow forum members. regardless of the watch is BNIB or otherwise, i strongly urge you to authenticate the watch bought.

    as for preown shop, you can ask them if it is possible to authenticate the watch or not. they will not follow you to the service centre. so ask them to indicate on their receipt that if the watch authentication process fail, full refund. if cant be authenticate it on the same day, ask them if possible that you authenticate the next working day or something. if they stand by their watches, they should have no issues writing them down on the receipt. i have done it with PI and preown shop.

    if you are buying from a fellow member who insist deal @ night or no time to go service centre. exercise alot of caution. remember once money and goods change hands, sellers have no obligation to do full refund unless agreed upon earlier. why? sellers can say, i do not know what happen after the watch change hands. it is your choice whether you want buy the particular watch or not from the seller.

    so far, those PI i have dealt with can deal @ service centre. as for preown shop, they have no issue with me requesting them to add a clause on full refund if authentication fails.

    bring a friend who you can trust and knows abit on watches. at least they can help you do some standard checking such as matching serial number, have a quick look @ the watch to say with above 75% that the watch is genuine. there are forum members in here who are quite well verse in various watch brands. you need to do your own homework.

    it also pay to make friends with some watch repairers such as horologyfanatic who is a member here who repairs watches. alternatively, you can drop by golden landmark or people's park complex and check out the various watch repairers there. spend time there and effort to build a r/s with them. this may come in handy especially if you and seller can deal during weekend where service centre are closed and by paying them a nominal sum, they can at least do some simple check. you need to trust your watch repair on this.

    buy the seller. check their iTrader rating. pay attention to all comments made by various buyers and sellers. it is by no means a 100% fullproof but it serves as a guide.

    REMEMBER that you are the one with cash. buy only when you are comfortable dealing.

    Location where to authenticate Rolex Watches

    1) Lucky Plaza
    2) International Plaza
    3) People's Park Centre

    These places have shops that authenticate your Rolex watches for a fee that is lower than RSC. However, use them at your own risk, SG-ROC nor myself is not liable for any transaction between yourself and the shops.
    if you have issues with your account, click here for self help and read forum rules here. 90% of your answers can be found in Forum FAQ

    i DO NOT respond to any pm regarding account issues

    kindly email with
    1. subject heading indicating your issue
    2. your nick
    3. your corresponding email address
    4. state what you were trying to do and what the system prevented you to do

    if you receive no response in pm or email, it means your answers can be found in the Forum FAQ here

    your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

    disclaimer : all opinions expressed are personal

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