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how to bring down current (2020) hot models of resale rolex prices

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  • how to bring down current (2020) hot models of resale rolex prices

    most rolex sports models (6 digit) command from low to high premium prices. sought after models like daytona (116500) commands almost double the retail prices.

    one possible way is to use the same amount of money to buy previous models 116520 where it is no longer in production.

    there are several reasons to do this. first it is a discontinued model and it will be more sought after as time pass. second, the resale price will continue to go up in future compared to the current model. the current daytona model at one stage commands double the retail price but has recently ease off. if one has purchased at its peak, one will have to wait for awhile more to break even. however with previous model, the price fluctuations is low.

    another reason is being a current model, there will be more daytona entering the market. more supply, less demand, price will lower. with previous model, supply is constant or lower through damage, fix or lower supply even with same demand, the price will move upwards quicker.

    with the same amount of money spent on current model, one could probably get a previous model daytona with spare cash to get another 5 digit sports model.

    so, would you rather have 2 sports models that appreciate in hand or 1 sports model?
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    I rather have the model that I love. I buy rolex to enjoy not to flip so I need to buy my grail watch. But as $ is a concern so would buy secondhand and will buy older models as the current and old models difference is often minimal. Older yet discontinued models also seems more "precious" as they are no longer in production and as you have mentioned will appreciate faster. There is so many advantages getting the older models so I will go for secondhand.


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      easier for pple to say all these when they had own almost all the popular models. to pple like us who still waiting for our first rolex. how long can we wait? since better to keep 116520, why not you sell me your 116500 if you have at RRP?


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