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Purchasing Rolex with Singapore AD

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  • Purchasing Rolex with Singapore AD

    from about 2020 almost anyone who wants to own a rolex watch will need to build a profile by purchasing "non rolex brand" watches. many started buying non rolex brand watches and this has led to increase in sales for most other brands. these brands were grinning from cheek to cheek due to increase sales. some watch enthusiasts will also put these non rolex brand watches in resale market as they aren't simply interested in these watches.

    as more and more watch enthusiasts follow this path, the other non rolex brands start noticing that there is an increase number of watches in the resale market. as supply exceeds demand, the prices start to get lower as the sellers want to recoup their cash. this indirectly projects the image of the brand being not desirable.

    these brands will start to monitor the resale market and there could be consequences.

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    Yes, totally agree. Everybody is playing this game now. Biggest beneficiary are the ADs.


    • #3
      You are right! That is why I put my name on the Rolex waiting lists for a candy pink perpetual 2 years ago and until now totally no news from Rolex because I do not have a purchase record with them.


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        Anyone know if it is possible to buy at AD while paying close to market rate without the need to do pair and build profile? Just want the assurances of buying from AD on the model I want to keep & use for long time.

        thanks in advance


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