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My platinum DD dented when dropped on floor

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  • My platinum DD dented when dropped on floor

    My platinum DD went for Rolex servicing and found it’s badly dented at the case back. I dropped in on the floor once and that’s how the dent come about. I think platinum is really soft and DD is not a tool watch, it needs pampering!
    I asked Rolex centre not to polish my DD though, as I am afraid the metal will thin out although forumers said platinum only disperse and will not lost like gold. However RSC said platinum will still be lost during polishing.

    A bit bit sad that platinum DD needs pampering and cannot anyhow drop in floor. Haiz....

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    I finally sold my PT DD, its weight is hefty, and my wrist tired out after a while. The DD is really very beautiful, bright and shiny looking like new even after 32 years!

    PT pro: Platinum do not age. White gold will turn a bit yellowish, and its silver dial also changed to a creamy color. But my PT silver dial still looks as though its fresh from oven 32 years ago, never a tinge of yellowish at all!

    However, I still prefer the aged dial and bracelet of my white gold Datejust as it feels nostalgic and emits warmth feeling. Whereas PT is a cold shiny white metal.

    PT con: PT is very soft compared to WG. My PT DD is a safe queen, unlike my WG DJ which takes scratches much better than PT DD.

    PT con: The biggest reason I sold off my PT DD is because its too heavy and I cannot take the weight since my wrist is ultra small.


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