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'67 Omega Speedy Pro Cal. 321

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  • '67 Omega Speedy Pro Cal. 321

    Recently took some fresh pictures of my '67 Speedie Pro Cal 321 with red chrono hand (inherited it that way). Hope y'all enjoy!

    LOVE the Tritium patina, cracked hands and all...

    The plexi is a massive dust magnet. The more I wipe it clean, the more static cling it seemed to develop!

    But NOTHING is sexier than plexi...

    Etched Omega logo on center of plexi (very difficult to photograph)

    Cal. 321

    Was difficult getting this display back that does NOT say "Frist and only watch..."

    Another instance of a red handed speedy pro -- from the 1971 "Return of Ultraman, Episode 8: Monster Time Bomb". The director was a speedy pro collector, and often used one as prop in his Ultraman episodes (original scan by Action Dan):

    Thanks for looking!

  • #2
    awesome pictures.

    beautiful vintage dial and movement.
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    Wanted to add PP but bo lui


    • #3
      Yeah. I enjoyed viewing. Tx for sharing with us.

      The Crown Of Achievement


      • #4
        very nice vintage speedy..
        the movement's really something..
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        three times is enemy action and
        over 600 is clearly the work of an ancient Sumerian demon or some sh*t


        • #5
          i like this shot best.

          Originally posted by H2F View Post
          Recently took some fresh pictures of my '67 Speedie Pro Cal 321 with red chrono hand (inherited it that way). Hope y'all enjoy!

          Thanks for looking!
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            Thanks bros! Cheers!


            • #7
              absolutely a stunner there! Very envious of you, bro!


              • #8
                awesome pictures taken of an awesome watch!
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                • #9
                  great photos! Love the watch too!
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                  • #10
                    Nice vintage iconic watch with lemania!


                    • #11
                      Excellent macro shots bro!

                      Can I see it in person when I'm there in Indonesia?
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                      • #12
                        Beautiful pic of the super mice 321 movement .. Congrats


                        • #13
                          Thanks for the vintage walkthrough. The ultra man image brings back a lot of memories...
                          Love the photography too!


                          • #14
                            Thanks bros!! Surprised no one hated the sharkie strap or unusual red hand Lol!

                            Bro Ten10, of course! When are you coming to Jakarta??


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