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price of the rolex sports model

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  • price of the rolex sports model

    hi there,
    i found that rolex's price specially the sports model one were over price, i guess it came from the unavailable new stock at rolex AD.
    what do you think guys? is it possible to have correction / decrease in the future?

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    I think it has been quite actively discussed here in some threads. Well, these (over)prices for the more popular ROLEX sports models were all manipulated by non-authorized watch dealers. The local ADs are not supposed to sell higher than their retail prices. Whether you will see a "correction" / decrease in selling prices in future, is anyone's guess now. When prices started going crazy early last year, some grey dealers told me quite confidently that the prices would "normalize" come last quarter of 2017, or at the most, early 2018. Look at the situation now

    Unless ROLEX increases their production numbers for all these sports models, the obvious lack of supply and increasing demand will never see any correction/decrease in pricing, be it tomorrow, next week, next month, even next year.
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      almost certain prices will keep going up and up at grey dealers level, demand high stocks scarce.

      or look hard at the sales threads here


      • #4
        With the current pricing . I already stop seeing on them anymore.. local AD not giving discount on TT and SS is impossible to get..


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          Submariner waiting list time?

          Does anyone know how long is the waiting list for a submariner no date in singapore? I went to hour glass (orchard) and rolex(RWS) to place my name in the waiting list. Haven't heard from them since march..Some people say waiting list is fake and its impossible to get one unless u are a VIP. True?


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            Just got to keep checking with the ADs and hope to get lucky.


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