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Getting in shape

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  • Originally posted by capkel88 View Post
    Im having difficulty trying to tone my core. i have the bulk and shape but the toning is an issue for me. any recommendations
    Core strengthening is best served by a daily 5min circuit training (scissor kicks, flutter kicks, planks...just google from Youtube) and 3 times a week Barbell/Dumbbell deadlifts (the King of all workouts). Do these religiously for 3 months and your core strength will be tremendously improved. Worked for me.


    • Originally posted by dkxy85 View Post
      trying to lose now, but I seem to reach the plateau stage ...

      now e weight keep hover ard there... but physically can feel that I have slim down as clothes get loose.

      My friend say it common, as start to built muscle..

      how to effectively continue to built muscle while losing weigh.

      plan to drop another 5-10Kg.
      Same case as me... after running long distances, realised that I'm no longer losing fats but encountering muscle atrophy. Leg muscles got smaller, but fats still there... Changed my routine totally since 3 months back. 2 days of 6 km run (target pace 5-5.5min/km), 2 days of 45min HIIT Circuit, 2 days of (1hr) Gym. introduced weight training since 2 months back, and muscles became toned and bigger and body is now cutting belly fat.

      Started off with 3 main workouts in the gym: bench press, deadlifts, squats. Deadlifts and squats give u the most post exercise afterburn to get rid of fats. Once you invest time and effort into Gymwork, it will motivate you to eat healthy.

      Building upper chest and arms gives u a 'cheat'. Even if you're still chubby in the belly, the bulked up upper body will create an illusion that you're damn fit. Friends and collegues will definitely see the difference.


      • ……there is a pretty amazing new concept called bodytec training, which trains your whole body with electric current. Only requires 20 min training a week and it really shows great results. Who doesn't mind the idea of being electrocuted ;-) should check out their website …….the perfect training for lazy ppl !!


        • same problem with me

          Originally posted by PJBerri View Post
          Hey guys,

          Opened this one to talk about getting in shape. Any queries, feel free to post. I will answer to my best knowledge.

          Let me do an intro...

          I'm Andy. Very short, small sized guy. Before building up a decent physique, (social)life was kinda pathetic. Asked 10 girls out, 9 will say no. The one who said yes, will look like monster or teletubby.

          Too bored and no dates during Poly(after NS), started walking into gym since it doesn't need any dates. Started seeing good results, went more often. From once every other week, eventually trained 5 times a week. Took part in bodybuilding contests, had great fun.

          Life has changed since stepping into gym almost 10yrs back.

          Most importantly, confidence was boosted, spirit lifted, body feels strong and young. I love it.

          I want to share this goodness with people. That's what keeps me going in this job. Not many can tahan a job that requires long hours and no guaranteed income.

          Since we're mostly MEN here, I hope you guys take good care of your bodies. You take care of your body, it will give you lots of happiness that money can't buy.

          same problem with me


          • Originally posted by melfiz View Post
            been training for mths n clean diet but no signs of even 2 pax..wat to do den?
            Same here! ðŸ˜*


            • Originally posted by Mr.Karate.Singapore View Post
              Erm.. I guess being a PT for 6 years. My observation are lots of people have been reading and researching a lot actually are reading and researching only.

              When it comes to actually pushing yourself to your 65 - 70% limit, rarely there are that many who would actually do it though.
              Totally agree with this statement.

              You gotta push yourself. Sometimes I push till I feel like puking. That may not be ideal. But it helps me lose weight and keep fit.


              • Anyone here uses activity tracker? Any recommendation?


                • Having tried UP band and MI band, I prefer the latter. Cheaper + better battery life.


                  • Originally posted by bladers1 View Post
                    Can anyone share their diet meal plans?

                    Trying to lose some it true when we lose weight we lose water and not fat??
                    Try eating clean food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not to eat anything after 8pm.

                    When I say clean food, it means food that is cooked in the most simplest form, either steamed, grilled or baked. Only take complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes -> no fried rice or noodles). Do this consistently (with 1-1.5 cheat day on weekends) and I guarantee you will see results.

                    Example of my diet plan:
                    chicken breast + brown rice + broccoli + carrots + corn + eggs
                    salmon + sweet potatoes + broccoli + asparagus + eggs
                    pan fried fish fillet + brown rice + cauliflower + carrots + eggs
                    boiled fish soup noodles + extra fish + extra vege + eggs
                    lei ca (thunder tea rice) + chicken breast (no sauce, no oil)


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                      • Originally posted by ThirtyEight View Post
                        Same here! ðŸ˜*
                        To get 6-pack, your body fat needs to go below 10%.


                        • Best would be to engage a trainer for personalise training as all our body and endurance level are different. I had tried going gym on my own but not able to do much difference although it does slim down my waistline.


                          • Best way to slim down is not just exercising, its also about the food intake. Read from somewhere that refrain sugar and oily food will see food results.


                            • Agreed dat food intake is more impt than exercising..

                              Got a fren lost 30 kg in 3 mths simply by following a super duper strict diet..

                              10% exercise..


                              • Originally posted by forest_time View Post
                                Best way to slim down is not just exercising, its also about the food intake. Read from somewhere that refrain sugar and oily food will see food results.
                                Agree, its all about intake.
                                Food intake should be in moderation Not Deprivation.
                                Add in slice lemon water to wash away fats


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